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we are looking for singers, drummers, keyboard and guitar players for highly successful Live on Stage Project

Sign up is open to apply for this years live on stage project. This is a great opportunity for talented young musicians to come together to form bands and learn more about the industry. The project has been running for a number of years and many bands have gone on the great success and played on live stages including the Godiva Festival.

Read below about the kind of things you will learn as part of this project. To sign up please complete this online form. Please note musicians need to already be able to play and there are a limited amount of places per year

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Our exciting Live On Stage Project is broken into modules throughout the academic year. Each module allows the young musician to expand their learning and knowledge by experiencing performing, recording, writing and branding their band.

Here is a selection of modules we run throughout the project: Cover Band Module

80s Pop vs Modern Rock
Young musicians will be introduced to performing songs from other artists in the style of rock music. One selected pop song will be mixed with a rock classic, taking lyrics and melodies from pop and mashing them up with the instrumental music from rock bands. Think Madonna mixed with Metallica!

Song Writing (Composition)
This module will introduce musicians to the song writing process previously taught in the cover module involving song structure and genres. The bands will develop their own sound, experimenting and exploring styles that they can relate to. Everyday themes such as history, politics and relationships will be used as demonstrations on how song writers have used these ideas to influence their music. Famous British and American song writers will be studied by covering their material, dissecting the structure of the songs as a way of learning. From this the musicians will then have the craft to write their own song as a band forming their own individual sound.

Industry and Technical
During this module the experienced team from the Tin Music & Arts take the musicians on a journey of live sound and stage management. Primarily the sound engineering aspect of a live show will be a focal point, allowing musicians to learn how to set levels for a live event and where to set equipment on stage to get the best performance from an artist. They will also learn how to position microphones on a drum kit and guitar amplifier to get the best sound live on stage.

Music Industry
This module allows the now formed bands to get creative with their branding as well as introducing them to the music industry, both corporate and independent.

  • Musicians will learn how to do the following:
  • Design a band logo 
  • Use social media to promote their band
  • Using merchandise to get noticed by printing their own t shirts
  • Talks from artists and promotors in the music industry

The established bands will perform their favourite songs in a live environment and will learn how to get the best from their own individual performance. The bands will be able to listen back to their recordings and pick their favourite take to keep forever.

Published: 6th June 2024